Homebuilders optimistic of a stronger housing market

The American dream of owning a home has been crippled for many Americans following the 2008 housing crisis. Those woes still continue on in 2012.

According to the National Homebuilders Association new home sales declined 1.6% across the nation in February. Meanwhile new home sales in the Midwest declined 2.4% during that same month.

Despite what those numbers indicate, those in the home building industry say they are optimistic a recovery is near. They say many people aren’t ready to let their American dream fade away so easily.

“I think people have sat back long enough and I think they’ve decided that they want to do something … and decided maybe let’s do a re-paint or let’s so our countertops,” said Jeff Lage, president of the Black Hills Homebuilders Association.

“I think some people in the past had thought they were going to move their house, flip it as the term used to be and of course when the housing market crashed that went out the window,” said Chuck Rausch of Rausch Granite Products.


Rausch and other vendors at this year’s Black Hills Homebuilders Show say those people are now turning to remodeling to spruce up their homes.

“People have realized they’re gonna stay in their houses for a while and the remodeling market seems to be very strong,” Dallas Nix of Midwest Window Brokers said.

“The attitude of the people is coming around and I think people want to do something with their house,” added Lage.

Vendors say the new attitude coupled with homeowners’ willingness to spend is what’s keeping their hope of a recovering market alive.  And with the South Dakota economy bucking the national trend, many here are sold on the idea of a remodeled American dream.


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