Downtown Rapid City more family-friendly

Downtown Rapid City is taking on a whole new look.

“Downtown is really becoming more vibrant and we’ve grown up,” said Julie Smoragiewicz, co-owner and general manager of Dakota Thyme. “We’re beginning to offer some things you normally wouldn’t find in South Dakota.”

Dakota Thyme is a deli, bakery and specialty food market all–in–one.

“It’s really exciting to be part of Main Street Square and the whole revitalization effort that’s going on here,” Smoragiewicz said.

There’s a toy, book and candy shop for kids; and boutiques, restaurants, and a bar for the bigger kids.

“It has kind of revitalized it by redoing the buildings and just the downtown area just looks newer and fresher and has that downtown feel,” said Whitley White, a manager at British pub Wobbly Bobby.


Parents say Main Street Square brings a more family–friendly atmosphere that was lacking before.

“It’s just a lot more kid–friendly where as before it was kind of you had to drive to Custer or somewhere to find some place to bring your kid, “said parent Amy Lavere.

Whether you’re a local or from out-of-state, downtown business owners say they hope everyone will stop and spend.

“There’s just a lot more for them to do than just walk around downtown,” White said.

Main Street Square will experience its first tourism season this summer.


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