Warm weather makes ski slopes a hot attraction

Short sleeves or tank tops: clothing you wouldn’t expect skiers to wear in the middle of Winter.

“You can come out and ski in long sleeve t–shirt or a short sleeve t–shirt. I’ve seen people up here in shorts even,” said skier Chad Hedderman. “It’s absolutely beautiful.”

“I like it this way because it’s warm and if you crash it doesn’t hurt as bad,” said skier Matt Silvernail.

The spring–like weather has hit the black hills day after day after day. But skiers say although the warm weather is enjoyable it makes their ski experience bittersweet.

“You love the spring–time but it also means the slopes are going to be closing down here pretty soon,” Hedderman said.

Ski season at Terry Peak will not end early despite the change in weather.  Tom Marsing, General Manager of Terry Peak says the ski season will wrap up on April 1. On the following day, the resort will start the three-phase Wharf Mine Expansion project.

“We’re going to be putting in a brand new chair lift that’s going to replace the Empress or the red chair lift as most people know it,” Marsing said.

The nearly $15 million project also includes a bigger recreation area for people to snowmobile and even bobsled.

A move, which in a few years, could make the ski resort more versatile.


“We’re going to have something recreation wise at least 8 months if not 10 months out of the year, said Marsing.

The new red ski lift will open to the public at the beginning of the next ski season. Mining company, Wharf Mine is expected to complete the project by 2018. It will also foot the bill.


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