Hey kid! What are you looking at?

Everyone loves Mickey and Minnie mouse along with the rest of their Disney gang. So when I was invited to watch  Disney on Ice Saturday night with three of my friends, I jumped at the opportunity. But there was one problem, the dirty looks I received from kids attending the show. I guess adults aren’t allowed to a family show without kids.

I was a die-hard Disney fan as a child. I collected every Disney movie to hit VHS, I had the entire Disney soundtrack on cd’s, my parents even took me to see Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and other Disney on Ice shows at the Nassau Coliseum in New York. As an adult, I even sat through The Lion King on Broadway. What a great production!

So I have been a Disney fan longer than those kids have lived on this earth. Maybe, I was getting dirty looks because I was wearing a Flounder hat I received with the cotton candy I bought. Or could it be I was singing and dancing to the songs a little too much?

If you listen closely to the videos I filmed you can hear me singing along.

No matter our age we are all young at heart. Now, if only I could steal borrow a kid to accompany me to Dr. SeussLorax movie. What? I’m trying to avoid more dirty looks.

4 responses to “Hey kid! What are you looking at?

  1. I am a complete disney freak! I have worked for disney, I am a pass holder for Disneyworld! I collect Disney figurines, but I have yet to go to Disney on ice. Lmao but I really hope to go next time they come to Miami. Thanks for this post it was fun to read, see and watch!

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