The fragrance of the year goes to …

It’s award season: the Grammy’s, Academy Awards, BET and even NAACP. While we all gawk at the television to see what and who celebrities are wearing there are no beauty awards. Which gave me an idea to highlight beauty products that I like and would give an award to for making me look, feel and smell fabulous.

The first award, fragrance of the year, goes to Coach Poppy Flower.


I absolutely love this stuff and everything else Coach. I bought it last year when it first came out after smelling a sample at a department store. I like to spray fragrances on my wrist and judge whether I like it after the notes die-down and mix with my natural body chemistry.

The reason I am so attracted to this perfume is it is fun, romantic, vibrant, soft, fruity, sexy and very girly. The scent also lasts throughout the day. I’ve told three people about this perfume and they all bought it and love it.

Although I believe perfumes are seasonal, I wear Coach Poppy Flower throughout the year.

The notes include: grapefruit, wet ivy, mandarin, jasmine petals, water lily, rose, sugared raspberry, musk, sandalwood, and apricot.


Stay tuned for my other awards!


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