Technology has me feeling old

I love computers, tablets, cell phones and the internet but the rapid growth of technology has me feeling old. A girl never reveals her age but take my word, I’m still fairly young.

I remember when I was in junior high school I had to type up my book reports on an actually typewriter after I researched information in an encyclopedia.typewriter

   These days teens turn on their iPad’s and macbooks to search google and wikipedia on their speedy 4G connection and copy and paste.  I also recall popping in those free-trial AOL discs in the computer and waiting hours for the computer to dial up a connection. Yes, I did say dial-up.

Perhaps you remember those neon pagers that everyone carried around with a sack of quarters for the pay-phone. What ever happened to those things anyway? I guess the popularity of cell phones made them obsolete or perhaps they were all sent across the pond to London. phone booth

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and can’t fathom living without it in my life. But I just wish it didn’t make me seem so old when speaking with the younger generation(I love the blank stare on their faces). “When I was your age I played Oregon Trail on the original Macintosh Apple computer.” These days kids have portable and wireless video games.

I’m proud of how far technology has advanced; I just wish it would slow down so we can actually enjoy it without anticipating what’s next to come.


4 responses to “Technology has me feeling old

  1. Try not to let it make you feel old. Use it as an opportunity to show how fast things can change and how you may want to savour them a little longer. I saw some people, many in their 30s through 60s staring curiously at an old typewriter that was for sale at an auction. Remember, that in many emergencies, only landline phones may work, not cellular ones. Etc. Walk, dont drive, to remind yourself of what it was like to live without the motor car. Show someone a gramaphone record and let them try to figure out what it is (if they do not know) and how it did what it did. Have fun.

    • I’m still in my 20’s. I don’t feel terribly good but in conversations with my teenage nieces and nephews I do feel old. I try to keep up with technology but it is ever-evolving. Thanks for the suggestion and the read.

      • Maybe, you need to separate how you relate to teenagers or anyone younger. You are older and your life may have more time but not necessarily more experience. You should not necessarily be able to relate seamlessly, but what do the differences really represent? For example, can younger people who may not have yet passed high school relate to life after that-college, work, raising a family? Technology is only an aspect of life, not its whole.

      • Very true. It just brought me back to when I was younger and my older siblings and parents tried to relate the big trends of their time with me. I guess the point I was trying to get across is if i don’t keep up with technology I’ll feel out of touch and “old.”

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