Nail polish Anonymous

Hi. My name is Taisha Walker and I’m a nail polish addict.


My addiction to nail polish began when I was a child. At the time I didn’t realize it. I would go into my mother’s room and take her nail polish –her shoes didn’t appeal to me as much—and paint thick coats onto my nails. The bright red lacquers would drip, rub and stick onto my other fingers because they didn’t dry properly; I thought it was beautiful. Even then I wasn’t one-tenth of the addict I am now.

It all began when a college friend introduced me to O.P.I. nail polish in 2007. Every thing went down hill from then. I would buy various colors to match my outfits or my mood. After all, nail polish is an accessory, it’s similar to a mood ring except it’s not a ring but you get the drift. Somehow my first bottle of O.P.I. nail polish multiplied into a collection of 45. That’s after giving some away some to friends and throwing away those that have dried up. There’s something about the way that brand of polish glides onto your nails and shine.

The colors also last for days, although I change my polish every 2 to 3 days. Plus, it’s so much fun telling people you’re wearing “Who the Shrek are you?” “Zom-body to love,” “Catherine the Grape” or “Yodel me on my cell,” when they stop you to complement you on your nails.

I know all the polishes look the same to you but there is a difference between bright pink, pink and pastel pink. If you can’t tell the difference, perhaps I’m not the one who needs help.

I like to call myself a collector of nail polish.  People collect stamps, junk and frankly, more junk. So why can’t I  collect polish? it’s much cheaper to buy a bottle rather than go to the salon to have them done bi-weekly. It’s like those Pokemon cards, “you gotta catch em’ all,” … or at least one polish out of every O.P.I. collection.

But the reason why I’m sharing my problem with is is because I need help. You’d be glad to know that I have vowed not to purchase another bottle of O.P.I nail polish this year. You’d also be ecstatic to know I have not cracked yet; unlike their popular shatter polishes.

As for my punishment, I have decided to wear my current polishes until the run out or dry out. Uh, what a bore!

 DSCN4572 DSCN4571


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