Dance for Romance: couples dance to liven their marriage

The institution of marriage is shifting. A study released in January shows more and more couples are content with cohabitation, rather than tying the knot. But many traditional couples in Rapid City don’t mind walking down the aisle or using the art of dance to keep their marriages alive.

Dancing builds verbal and non-verbal communication skills, as well as teamwork. So you have two people with two different roles working together to form a better union, both on and off the dance floor.

“He’s a musician so I support his music. I dance and he supports my dancing,” said Linda Delgado  who is taking dance lessons at Gotta Dance Studio with her husband.

“You have both people and they both have to listen , like the follow just can’t be oblivious. The follow also has to lead at times so it’s a balance,” said Jeremiah Arnett, who is taking dance classes with his friend Ann Blankley. 

Dancing also teaches couples how to get physical; how to hold and touch one another, subtle moves that are sure to add spice.

“It can be very intimate and very fun, and of course you get very close to your partner,” said Blankley.

“We make a lot of eye-contact when we’re dancing and we just giggle,” said Linda Delgado. “It’s fun, it’s fun to mess up. It’s not a big deal you laugh it off.”

And unlike the dancing pros, no leader boards are needed. These couples say they already have their trophies, each other.


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