SD lawmakers anticipate a busy legislative session

 The 2012 legislative session in South Dakota is only 4-days in and already there’s lots of talk among state legislators.

“There is a lot going on, a lot of bills being discussed, a lot of discussions taking place and of course the governor’s state of the state message,” said Republican Senator Craig Tieszen.

Governor Dennis Daugaard’s state of the state address appears to be resonating with a lot of lawmakers.

“The governor has proposed some really major initiatives, one with workforce development and one with investing in teacher initiatives so that’s been the conversation this past week,” said Representative Jacqueline Sly, a Republican.

The conversation isn’t so much about what the Governor said but how South Dakotans will be affected if the bills become law.

“I think there will be a lot of lively discussion about what we’re gonna do with that,” Tieszen said.

Another lively discussion is where all the bills are that are proposed by legislators. So far, there are a number of bills proposed by government agencies.

“One that I’m carrying has to do with mandatory reporting of child abuse and it broadens it a little bit,” Sly said.

But other lawmakers are a little more tight–lipped about their bills.

“We’ll start seeing those as early as the end of next week and the following week they’ll be dozens and dozens and dozens,” Tieszen said.

Dozens, which could equal 600 bills this legislative session; that’s a lot compared to the 450 bills typically passed. Even still, lawmakers say they’re in for the ride.

The state legislature will not meet this coming Tuesday and Wednesday. A public memorial service and funeral will take place on those days for former Governor Bill Janklow.



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