Board wants to keep struggling golf course open

A parks and recreation advisory board votes to stay the course with Executive Golf Course. The Rapid City’s golf course has been in hole since 2004.

Year-after-year, money is borrowed from general funds and Meadowbrook Golf Course to keep the 9-hole course open.

The advisory board had these four options before them Thursday night:

  1. Turn the golf course into a park
  2. Sell it
  3. RFP it to a private business
  4. Or continue to run it

Board members passed a motion to keep Executive open and bring the matter before the City Council on February 6. Meanwhile, community members say to close executive would affect Rapid City’s golfing experience.

“We worry about the cost of golf in Rapid City but many of the other cities I’ve ever belonged to consider golf as part of their public recreation funds and fund the golf course experience” said avid golfer, Luke Cox.

The Parks Department recently requested $90,000 to keep the Executive Golf Course out of the red.


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