School budget proposal looks to trim $4.5 million

The Rapid City School District is $4.5 million in the red for the 2012/2013 school year.  But a new proposal aims to trim at least $4.3 million. It just needs the public’s support.

Superintendent, Dr. Tim Mitchell says he believes he can sell the proposal. Mitchell says the lack of detailed information caused the public to fear his budget reduction plan which was revealed last November. On Friday, he spared no details about the revised proposal that isn’t as dire as previously thought.

For example, the proposed cuts to high school athletic competition no longer include losses to equipment or activities. And the reorganization of the music department only includes a $12,000 cut to freeze sheet music purchases.

Dr. Mitchell says his proposal is just that. He challenges everyone to engage in discussion and suggest changes by the March deadline.

“I am the leader which has the responsibility to put forward the responsibility to create dialogue so that the staff, the administration, the school board and the public can engage in the dialogue that is necessary,” Mitchell said.

Dr. Mitchell and the board of education will conduct their first public meeting Tuesday January 10th at West Middle School, from 6:00- 8:00 p.m.

The other meetings are as follows:

  • January 23 at South Middle School
  • January 30  at Dakota Middle School on
  • February 7th at North Middle School
  • February 27 at SouthWest Middle School

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