Truckers could face steep fines for cell phones

 Bus and commercial trucks drivers are up–in–arms over a new ban prohibiting them from using a hand–held cell phone while driving.

Effective January 1, the Department of Transportation can fine each commercial driver, caught on a phone without a hands–free device, $2,750 dollars. The trucking company will also be fined.

Some truck drivers say the ban is unfair because it singles them out rather than all motorists.

“It’s not right you know that they’re always harping on us truck drivers and that kind of stuff but it’s okay for the cops to be on their cell phone and computers as they’re going down the highway,” said Scott Gemberling with Watston Town Trucking.

“They are large vehicles and when you’re driving them you should be concentrating on driving not texting or talking on your cell phone,” said Jeannie Broderick, a trucker with LGS Logistics.  “There are too many devices you could wear on your head or something that’s not going to distract you looking at a telephone.”

According to the South Dakota Highway Patrol, the ban will not likely be enforced until 2013. That’s when the state legislature is expected to adopt the new change.


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