Mall pet store could close after 33 years

Many of you probably walked past it as you shopped for gifts at the Rushmore Mall but the mall’s pet shop could soon be closing its doors.

Macerich, owner of Rushmore Mall in Rapid City, has issued a policy that prevents Fish Here Pet Center owners from renewing their lease. Co–owner Kim Christopher says it’s because his pet store sells live animals and Macherich wants to prevent the sale of puppy mill puppies.

But Christopher, who has owned the store since 1978 says it’s unfair to lump his store into one category. He says all the puppies he sells come from the people of Rapid City.

“They’re animals that might have been destroyed or that people are fearful if they went to an animal shelter that destroyed animals, they might be euthanized,” said Christopher. “Any animals we take in are here until they get a home.”

He says he’s scheduled to meet with mall management next month to find out what happens next. Christopher says he learned the news just a few days ago.  And he’s still grappling with the realization he might lose the store.


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