Last-minute shoppers hit the stores

 Christmas is just hours away. And while some of us stashed away gifts throughout the year, others waited until the last-minute to check everyone off their shopping lists.

Hundreds of people shop the racks at Rushmore Mall in Rapid City on this last day to buy those gifts before Christmas.

We caught last–minute shoppers taking advantage of last–minute deals. Some of the shoppers we spoke to admit they’re procrastinators. Some say they even get a rush from the crowds, the lines, and the deals this close to Christmas Day.

“I do the same thing every year,” admitted Travis Fisher. “I’m always shopping for my wife and I’m always waiting till the last, last–minute.”

“I’m a pretty big procrastinator; I’ve just always been that way,” said shopper Taylor Rave.

“I started a few months ago,” added Joshua Schleuusner.” “It’s been a slow process but I’ve got a busy schedule so I had to get it done when I could.”

The National Retail Federation estimates the average American will spend $700 on holiday gifts and goodies this year, totaling more than $465 billion.

But the deals could be even better if you can hold off until after Christmas. Analysts say there will be even deeper discounts beginning Monday as merchants look to clear their holiday merchandise.


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