Monday before Christmas: busiest delivery day for the USPS

Santa Claus isn’t the only one gearing up for a big Christmas day delivery; the United States Postal Service plans to deliver 16.5 billion cards, letters and packages this holiday season.

So if you must ship parcel this week, pack lots of patience and expect to stand in long lines.

“I kind of anticipated the lines would be long, I could tell from the parking lot,” said Angela Shapre, who is mailing holiday cards at the post office.

The Monday before Christmas is one of the busiest days for the USPS.

“In Rapid City, it’s one of our busiest actual delivery days for packages as well as one of our busiest mailing days,” said Supervisor of Customer Service, Sonny Magnuson.

The USPS will ship 589 million pieces of mail each day during the holiday season. That’s more than Fedex and UPS, making it the official shipper of the holidays.

Violet Geiger is shipping her grandson’s Christmas gift to California. With just five mailing days to spare she says she’s hoping for a Christmas miracle.

“Well this is actually the first time I’ve done shipping like this in around the holiday times,” Geiger said. “So I’m excited about it. So hopefully it will get there in time.”

Geiger is like many of us who are pushing the envelope and waiting till the last-minute. But the grandmother says she had a good reason.

“Just money, waiting for a paycheck and got all my shopping finally done,” Geiger said.

The longer you wait the more of your paycheck you’ll have to fork–over.

“The longer you wait, maybe the more it’s going to cost you because you have to upgrade the service a bit,” said Geiger.

So go early and go prepared. Tuesday is the last day to send first class mail (cards and letters) so it arrives Thursday is the final day to send packages by express mail. That gives your gifts a two-day window to arrive.

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