Americans take the pledge to buy local

 If you take a look at the label of a product you use everyday chances are it’s made in China or Taiwan. Those labels have sparked a nationwide campaign to shop local and within United States borders.

Shopping South Dakota isn’t all that hard to do; jerky, wine and even clothing are all made under the South Dakota sun. Those products and more than 700 others can be found at Dakota’s Best, located inside the Radisson hotel on Mount Rushmore Road and 8th street.

Owner Gary Dowling says while his store mostly sells South Dakota made projects, there are a few items on the shelf that are supplied regionally. He says if people make an effort to support small business … Their money will stimulate the local economy.

“People want to keep the business and the money #1 in the United States and in South Dakota and ultimately in Rapid City,” said Gary Dowling, Owner of Gary Dowling.

“I like to support small businesses as well as local,’ said local shopper Bess Brown.

The Buy American Campaign is asking everyone to do their part by purchasing products made in the U.S. It starts with just one item. So, will you take the pledge?


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