Drivers react to cell phone ban recommendation

We’re all offenders–whether it’s answering a phone call, sending a text or checking Facebook while driving.

According to the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, 600,000 crashes occur each year; 3,000 of those are fatal. That’s why the National Transportation Safety Board hopes a nationwide ban on personal electronics in cars will crack down on distracted driving.

The NTSB made the recommendation on Tuesday but ultimately it’s up to individual states to enact a ban. South Dakota lawmakers failed to pass such a bill in the last legislative session. The idea is just as divisive on the street.

“I don’t think that they should ban it because of emergency use,” said driver Brandon Kelly. “You know if something were to happen and you need to get a hold of somebody.”

“I drive for a living and I see a lot of people especially in city here that are not paying attention to what they’re doing; they’re talking on the phone,” driver Dean Hade said.

Thirty states and the District of Columbia currently ban the usage of cell phones in vehicles. Drivers can only use their phones in emergency situations.

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