Ski season underway at Terry Peak

Avid skiers and snowboarders have waited all year to hit the slopes. 

But instead of talking about the runs at ski resort TerryPeak, everyone’s raving about the weather. The sun is shining and so are the smiles at Terry Peak.

“It’s awesome, it’s nice, it’s amazing,” Kevin Murray who hits the slopes every weekend.

Winter sport lovers enjoyed awesome slopes, a nice time and amazing weather with 30 degree temperatures.

“It doesn’t get any better than this,” said Ed Sewell, who skis an average of 60 times a year. 

And the snow is perfect. It’s not melting from the warm weather; its awesome!” added snowboarder Janel McDonald.

TerryPeak officially kicked off the ski season last weekend. A season that has yet to hit full speed with only two runs open. 

“It’s killing me, it’s killing everybody,” McDonald said. “We want blue and red to be open as soon as possible.”

The new scanning system is putting a freeze on what’s usually a speedy check–in.

 “It could use a few minor tweaks but it appears to be working pretty well,” said Sewell.

 It’s working well for some, but pretty slow for others. 

“We are getting better and I hope to get better so we’re not holding anyone up,” said Lift Operator Steve Durham. “If everyone has their pass ready it sure helps us.”

 With this unusually warm weather on the slopes, most people don’t mind waiting in line an extra minute or two.

They’re just glad to get back to doing what they love, skiing and snowboarding.


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