White-out conditions in Sturgis lead to multiple accidents

 The official beginning of Winter is less than three weeks away but the snow, wind and cold temperatures are giving people an early taste.

On Sunday, the weather dropped to 20 degrees in some parts of KOTA Territory such as Sturgis and Lead. And 30-40 mile per hour winds caused snow to drift and lead to a number of wrecks and cars in the ditch.

According to the Sturgis Police Department, around 10 weather–related accidents took place on Interstate 90, near exit 37. The highway was closed off between Sturgis and Piedmont for 4 hours but re–opened Sunday afternoon.

While slick roads, heavy winds and white–out conditions are all culprits, highway patrol officers urge drivers to slow down and take it easy on the roads.

One driver said the roads were so bad she drove with her hazard lights as she gripped her steering wheel tight.

“It was a complete white out,” said Marion Horst, who works at the Common Cents in Sturgis. “You really wanted to watch where you were going.”

The same could be said about Highway 385 heading toward Lead. Patrol officers say unless it’s an absolute necessity, stay off the roads.


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