Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn takes a bite out of the box office


Vampires aren’t the only ones up late at night. Twilight fans have staked-out 139.5 million dollars opening weekend.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 had the fifth–best movie debut on record. It’s also the second best debut weekend for the franchise.

In the movie, Bella marries her vampire lover Edward, whose family strikes an alliance with werewolf Jacob, to protect Bella and her fetus.

Twilight fanatics inKOTAterritory say the movie is so good you’re blood will run cold.

“I thought it was very good, just like the books, it was good,” said Twilight fan Melita Lemer.

Her friend Jana Isbell said “We’ve been looking forward to it since the end of the last movie. It was great, it’s well worth it.”

Despite the first snowfall of the season, hundreds of people have flocked to the theatres since the movie opened Friday.

“It’s been huge. We have been crazy busy,” said Jade Knispal, a manager at Carmike 10 movie theatre. “We’ve sold out at least 5 shows everyday.”

Carmike 10 sold 1,200 tickets for its midnight show on opening night.


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