Infrastructure: problemo numbero uno

The state of Rapid City’s infrastructure was the focus of Thursday’s town hall meeting at South Middle School.

Community members voiced their concerns about the lack of maintenance on roads, problematic drains, as well as the damage caused by salt to public property in the winter. Some even complained about lengthy construction projects.

City council members and the mayor all agreed that city streets are not perfect. They say the city needs to find funds to pay for infrastructure projects, as well as the labor without raising taxes.

“Concrete cost money, excavators cost money, and employees cost money … how are we going to pay for it?” asked Ward 3 Alderman Jerry Wright. “I think it’s an excellent opportunity as we said in the meeting they are going to have budget meetings coming up next year.”

The city would have to come up with $140 million to fix the drainage system , not to mention the funds needed for maintenance and reconstruction.

One project the city plans to jump start: to re-pave alleys to prevent wash – outs from running onto streets.


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