Great American Smokeout encourages smokers to quit


The American Cancer Society wants you to join the Great American Smokeout by encouraging smokers to give up their habit.

 A report released by the American Cancer Society finds smokers who quit can live up to ten years longer than those who continue to light up.

Although 30% of cancer deaths can be attributed to cigarettes, smokers say everyone has a vice. They say not neither high cigarette taxes nor the smoking ban will make them quit what they call an “unhealthy” habit. 

“You know I’m still going to do it probably” said Kenneth Floyd, who has been smoking since age 19. “People are still going to drive in cars and prices go up but you’re still going to go and do what you do. So if you want to do something bad enough you’re going to do it.”

 Thursday marks the 36th anniversary of the Great American Smokeout.


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