Smoking Ban: one year later

South Dakotans have made it clear they like the option of cleaner air.  

“I think it’s great really, higher quality life for everybody,” said Jay Kiper, a smoking ban supporter.

People who eat at restaurants, drink at bars and gamble at casinos can now breathe easy.

“I don’t have the inconvenience of smelling like a cigarette butt when I leave and being able to enjoy my food without smelling that, smoking ban supporter Joannie Foos said.

Last year, 65% of South Dakota voters approved the Smoke – Free Air Law; it’s the 29th state to do so. Under the law, employees no longer have to worry about inhaling second hand smoke indoors.

“There’s not a single worker in the state of South Dakota that goes to work and has to worry about breathing smoke in their lungs,” said Dr. Allen Nord of Medical Arts Center. “We no longer have to ask ourselves was it our health or is it our paycheck that’s more important.”

Dr. Nord says South Dakota was known for having a large population of smokers but he says the ban has helped people kick that bad habit. 

“We’ve also a seen a real drop in the use of cigarettes,” said Dr. Nord.

He says fewer people in South Dakota smoke now than ever before in our recorded history.

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