Parents weigh in on proposed school budget cuts

You don’t have to be a math major to understand the numbers. The Rapid City Area School District is $8 million over its $192.1 million budget. That’s why the Superintendent Dr. Timothy Mitchell is looking to trim $4 million a year for the next 2 years.

“We’re being asked to provide quality education program with less revenue,” said Dr. Mitchell.

Dr. Mitchell says the lesson for the upcoming school year is to learn how to do more with less. Last week, he presented a list of cost–cutting ideas to the school board.

“We’ve looked at transportation, we’ve looked at supplies, we’ve looked at staffing, we’ve looked at a lot of things in those particular areas,” Dr. Mitchell said.

It’s staffing that Mitchell says accounts for 85 percent of the operational costs. But David Claymore, who has a granddaughter in elementary school, says teaching is the one area the board should not
tamper with.

“When you start cutting back on teachers then the kids are going to fail and we’re all are going to suffer in the end because our children wouldn’t be as educated as they would be today,” said Claymore.

Feedback like Claymore’s is what helps the school board turn its proposed ideas into a final plan.

“We just have to make sure people get in dialogue and get informed,” said Dr. Mitchell.

The superintendent will present his State of the School Report on November 22. The report will make recommendations for cuts.


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