Rapid City’s Mayor reflects on his first 100 days

Rapid City Mayor Sam Kooiker has been in office a little more than 100 days. It’s been a challenging three months, but Mayor Kooiker said Thursday, he tries to pace himself and tackle one project at a time.

The mayor has managed to put in place dozens of projects thus far. The following are just a handful:

  • The mayor says he eliminated special mayor’s parking spaces at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, airport and city/school administration center as way to be more fiscally responsible.
  • He says there’s more transparency now because the city is no longer able to spend its reserves without notifying the community and city council members.
  • The mayor says extending the hours of operation at city offices, by staying open an extra hour, increases access to city government.

As the mayor reflects on the last three months, he’s also looking forward on to what lies ahead. He says within the next 100 days, he hopes to break ground on the installation of a second waterline to Rapid City Regional Airport.

“I am so excited about that because our current water flows to the airport are 1/3 of what they should be. We have a 12 inch line now that runs out to the airport,” said Mayor Kooiker.

The almost $6 million project will increase water flow opening the spigot for expansion east. It would start around Homestead Street and run five miles to the airport.


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