Halloween can be stressful on a pet

Pets may seem bad to the bone but when Halloween rolls around our beloved animals can spook easily.

Here are some Halloween tips owners can follow to avoid causing stress and anxiety to pets.

  • If you plan to dress up your cat or dog, make sure the costume does not have easily ingestible pieces
  • Keep the candy bowl in a high place; chocolate can be detrimental to dogs
  • And veterinarians say keep your pet away from the sights and sounds of all the trick –or–treaters ringing the doorbell

“It’s a good idea if they are indoor pets to keep them in the basement or in a backroom where they are not going to be exposed to all the commotion going on to keep them calmer. If they are outdoor pets put them in a kennel somewhere where they’re not going to get accidentally or inadvertently let out,” said Dr. Kami Ireland of Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic.

Dr.Ireland also said black cats should be kept indoors and away from the superstitious.


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