Halloween tricks to help you save money

It’s pretty scary Americans will spend $5.8 billion on Halloween this year. Not to worry, there are some thrifty tricks you can easily pull out of a hat.

  • Get crafty and try to make your own costume
  • Avoid Halloween superstores
  • Borrow from a friend
  • They are irresistible but skip the pet costumes
  • Shop the dollar section for decorations
  • Utilize natural beauty, such as fall harvest items
  • Buy trick–or–treating candy in bulk
  • Shut off your lights

Some people are even turning to social networking sites to help them cut costs this Halloween.

“I went on facebook and I asked my friends if they possibly had a Dorothy costume that we could borrow or buy at a cheaper price and I got a ton of responses,” said Dawn Elkjer.

The mother of two says with the money she saved she can purchase accessories for her children’s costumes.

There’s also another way to save; bring in a bag of pet food to Halloween Bootique inBakenPark,Rapid Cityto get 25% off one item. It’s no trick, it’s a treat for animals at the Black Hills Humane Society.


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