Americans are lacking confidence

According to a new Associated Press poll, Americans don’t have much confidence on anything these days whether it concerns politics or the economy.

Only 10% of the people polled are extremely satisfied with the federal government. Local government scored 5% higher.

At the bottom of the barrel is Congress with only an 8% confidence rating. A whopping 57% say Congress isn’t doing enough to make them feel at ease.

When it comes to the economy, most Americans are not keen on big business; 35% have no confidence, although that is better than a year ago when 42% of Americans lacked confidence in Corporate America. Numbers are reversed when asked about small business owners, where 91% of those polled are either somewhat or extremely confident in people who run Main Street America.

Small business owners say they are noticing that same trend here in Rapid City’s downtown area. They say its business as usual. And despite the unstable economy, customers are still willing to part with some hard–earned cash.

“As far as the economy nationwide, we don’t feel that impact here in our store,” said Tracy Manning-Egge of Paris Chic.

“I think a lot of Americans need to look to the positive side and embrace what’s going really well and hopefully that will help,” said Miranda Bradsky of Wicked Salon.

According to the AP poll, Americans had the most confidence in the military which received a 54% confidence rating.


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