Custer hopes to roundup revenue this shoulder season

The summer tourism season was a slow one for businesses and attractions in the Black Hills.

The lower numbers have caused people to put more hope than normal in the shoulder season to salvage the year. For the third consecutive month, revenue is down this tourism season.

But the numbers aren’t getting people in Custer down.

“Last year at Custer State Park was the best year we had on record and this year will be down a bit but all things considered it will end up to be a pretty good year for us again,’ said Craig Pugsley, the Visitor Services Manager at Custer State Park.

In July, Custer State Park was down 4.1%. The month, tourism to the park was down 3.1%.

The Chamber of Commerce is hoping a number of life-size and table–top painted buffaloes will help the city of Custer round-up revenue this shoulder season.

“They are going to be rounded up in a couple of weeks and taken out to Custer State Park where they will be auctioned off for the Custer Stampede Buffalo Auction,” said Robin Bagley of the Chamber of Commerce.

Business owners say the buffalo artwork is a great idea because money usually roams where the buffaloes do.

“The roundup has proven to be a good tool and economic tool, for the entire Black Hills, not just the park,” said Pugsley.

The Custer Stampede Art Shows and Auction will take place September 24 and September 25. The Buffalo Roundup will follow at Custer State Park on September 26.


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