College seniors and graduates stuck in job limbo

The job market isn’t what it used to be that’s why President Barack Obama outlined a $400 billion dollar plan on Thursday to get Americans working again. The president’s jobs plan not only has to inspire congress to act, it must also energize college graduates looking to jump –start their careers.

“As of right now with the economy the way it is I’m not sure what’s going to happen when I graduate,” said Marshall Davis, a third year School of Mines and Technology student.

The average School of Mines student spends five years in college honing their skills to kick-start their careers, but many are finding that with the current state of the economy, they just simply can’t find jobs and are stuck in limbo when they are ready to graduate.

“Right now it isn’t too great, especially for engineers,” said fourth year student, James Dean. People don’t have any money so they are not designing or building anything.”

But engineering students aren’t the only ones in search of work. A recent job report shows employers added no jobs in august, the first time since 1945.

“There are jobs out there but it takes a little more effort to find them and to apply for them because they are competing with a lot of folks these days, so it’s important that they are at the top of their game,” said Director Sawyer, Director of the Career Center.

Some of those jobs might not fit with their education.  Many college grads may end up putting their careers on hold and taking jobs just to pay the bills.


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