A Custer man is dead after morning shootout

A 22-year-old Custer man is dead, killed by police during an early morning rampage through downtown Custer, South Dakota.

Custer Sheriff Rick Wheeler said the shooting happened around 2:30 a.m near the corner of 6th Street and Mount Rushmore Road.  Sheriff’s deputies received a report that a man was running around town with a gun and was shooting randomly into the air.

Wheeler says sheriff’s deputies and highway patrol troopers tried numerous times to get him to put his weapon down. Instead, Wheeler said the suspect rammed his car into the sheriff’s building and led law enforcement officers on an on–foot chase.

“He went on foot inside the building, trashed it all out, went out back, busted the windows out of our vehicles and then just proceeded Downtown, still had his handgun with him,”We had law enforcement on Main Street, he was talked to put the firearm down but he never would.”

The suspect was shot and killed by Trooper Todd Alberston.  Police have not released the suspect’s name.

The state Department of Criminal Investigation is handling the case.


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