Increase in crickets causing quite a chirp

 You hear them at night and see them during the day. But this season, they’re out in full force and causing quite a chirp around KOTA Territory.

The love songs from these tiny, black insect aren’t enough to serenade people in Rapid City who are inundated by the sighting. Crickets are jumping around everywhere both indoor and outdoor.

Pest control specialists say because this summer has been wetter than normal, Tis’ the season for an increase in crickets.

“They are a problem in the downtown businesses, they are a problem in homes and you just have to spray hopefully before they get inside and that will take care of the problem,” said Ken Vahle, owner of Warne Chemical and Equipment.

Vahle says avoiding elements that attract crickets, such as cover, moisture, and food will also get rid of the insects. Crickets are harmless to people but they can destroy clothing.


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