Anusara workshop brings yoga students together

You don’t have to be super flexible, you don’t have to be a certain age or sex just spiritually, physically and mentally disciplined to practice yoga. Anusara yogis from the Black Hills and beyond unite at this weekend’s workshop to meet and to learn from the man who inspired them all.

Lynn Lakusiak and 14 others drove 800 miles from Winnipeg to learn and practice yoga with the founder of anusara yoga, John Friend.

“Oh, it’s totally worth it, it’s totally worth it,” said Lakusiak.

150 yoga students spent their weekend in the Black Hills sharpening their principles of alignment. 

“Our yoga community is really growing,” said Justin Herreman, who has been practicing yoga for a year and a half. “People are excited about practicing yoga in Rapid City and I know John tends to draw people in.”

“I think just the positive, self–empowering aspect that we really emphasize in anusara yoga is one of the key aspects of its popularity and it really works,” said Friend.

One yogi says she can testify to that. “It opened my heart more, it aligns me with nature, with my true spiritual path, opens me to grace,” said Priscilla Potts, who has been practicing for years.

In Sanskrit, anusara means open to grace. And if your body isn’t open to certain poses some say with practice, it will come.

“My biggest challenge is my back bend and they get deeper and deeper with every practice that I do,” said student of 4 years, Corey Lakusiak.

No matter what age, size or sex yoga offers a little something for everyone. 

“I think yoga is great for everybody,” said Herreman. “If you don’t do yoga you should do something like yoga where you have something that keeps you grounded, steady and strong. It’s both a mental exercise as well as a physical exercise.”

It’s also an exercise from the heart. “It’s a super blast, it’s a super food which just really charges you up and get’s you inspired.” said yoga student Sara Christiansen.

With practice, anusara yoga will inspire and live on long past this weekend’s workshop.


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