It’s a merry-go-round at the Central States Fair

Some come for the food, some for the rides and for others, they come for everything.  At the Central States Fair, age is only a number kids and kids at heart just want to have fun.

“There is something for everyone at the Central States Fair, whether you’re young or old,’ said Lorraine Masters, a fairgoer.

“We rode rides, and played games, ate all the yummy, greasy, junky food that’s not good,” said Ashley LeBeau.

Some first-timers are just starting to get a handle on what the fair is all about. “It’s like riding a real bull,” said Thompson who enjoys riding the mechanical bull.

But if the rides aren’t for you there are other things at the fair you can do. You can pet animals, polka dance in the German tent or even check out art. Fair attendees say there’s so much to do but so little time.

What’s a merry–go–round for some is bittersweet for others.  “We know when the fair comes it’s the end of summer,” said LeBeau.

The Central States Fair runs through Sunday, August 28.


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