Special needs kids take part in the Tucker Day Rodeo

 Tucker, a young man with special needs, whom the rodeo was named after, was flown in by helicopter from Hermosa to watch and take part in Sunday’s rodeo. Tucker participated in the Custer County Horse Show in 2007 and touched the hearts of many. One year later, the Tucker Day Rodeo was created.

It’s a special day for a special group of kids. At the Double Diamond Ranch, it’s a day of fun where kids can ride horses, brand goats, and pull ribbons off goats.

“I do barrel racing and pole bending,” said Jennifer Zepp, a rodeo participant.

A proud mom cheered on as her son David Drolc, who has down syndrome, raced as fast as he can. “When he got on the horse today he goes” mom, go fast,” so he’s really excited to go fast,” said Mona Drolc of Rapid City.

For the third year in row children with special needs are saddling – up and riding horses in the Tucker Day Rodeo. It’s a friendly competition that looks to build rodeo skills along with social skills.

“It gets them to be out and around people they are not normally around.” said Drolc.  “So it gives them those people skills and then to be around those animals. It is just so neat to watch because of how they react to them.”

 It’s also a time in these children’s lives where they’re almost in full control.

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