Servicing of bikes spike as Sturgis Rally comes to a close


Thousands of bikers will take to the road Sunday as the 71st Sturgis Motorcycle Rally comes to a close.  After days of riding through the Black Hills, many bikes will need a little tuning up before taking the long trek home.

“In the beginning of the rally we’re a little slow and then it goes to the middle and we’re really moving along and now at the end of the rally we are seeing a lot more oil changes,” said mechanic Robert Gibbs.

Gibbs said most people are so caught up in the excitement of the rally they forget about their long trek home and about preparing their bikes for the journey.  So before taking to the road, bikers should make sure they get their oil changed and have their tires and belt tension checked.

Although Gibbs and other mechanics seemed flooded with the last – minute surge of bikes, he said servicing bikes during this year’s rally was slow compared the 20 to 30 bikes he services on a normal day.


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