71st Sturgis Rally winds down as sales go up

The days of partying and riding in the Black Hills are not over just yet.  Bikers have a new reason to celebrate this weekend and a new way to keep this week’s memories alive; it’s called a sale.

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is all about gawking, riding and spending.

“The first day especially was bad and we were panicking a little bit and it picked up and came together,” said Vendor Gina Kite. “It’s better than last year.”

Things are moving along for vendors and the merchandise is moving out as the 71st annual rally comes to a close.

“I got a deal, it could have been betters” said Mike Turner, a biker from Detroit.  But Turner can only play the waiting game so long.

“Right now they are offering three for $25.00 and that’s better than 3 for $40.00.” Turner said. “Tomorrow would be better but we can’t wait another day, we got to go.”

 Most of the bikers have to go and so does the merchandise. “After 12 noon on Sunday, you know we are looking to move everything we can at that point,” said vendor Kenneth Bergman. “You know Saturday we are always working deals; deals on helmets, deals on about half the merchandise.”

“We’ve done well. I heard other vendors were complaining they’re not spending the money,’ Kite said.

Although just about everyone on Main Street had a shopping bag or two in hand some say they won’t buy souvenirs until they can see just how low these vendors can go.

“Everybody does they wait until the end to see what best deal the get and there is always deals to be gotten,” Bergman said.  Deal or no deal, some say they aren’t here to buy they’re here to ride.

Meanwhile, vendors hope to make up for a slow start to the week with some last-minute sales this weekend.


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