The heat dries up produce variety at the Farmer’s Market


Mother Nature is sparing nothing.  While many of us cannot withstand the recent surge of heat, the same can be said for this year’s crops.  That trend was visible at this weekend’s Farmer’s Market  in Rapid City.

Local farmers say this year’s weather has been rough on their produce. Seeds are slow to germinate and crops are drying out due to lack of moisture and too much humidity.

While corn and tomatoes will take a little while longer to hit the Farmer’s Market, raspberries and zucchini’s are available now but they’ll cost you more.

“Unfortunately, this year the price of everything is kind of going higher,” said Jolene Freeman, who sells jellies, jams and produce.  “The demand is higher, the supply is way down, so it’s costing consumers a little bit more.”

Freeman says the first crop of the year is going to cost more because it’s in higher demand.  She adds, once the crops become more abundant, the prices will start to go down.


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