Classic cars cruise downtown Rapid City

Every day, hundreds of cars pass through main street Rapid City and line each side of the roadway.  But unlike any other day nearly every vehicle on the block was stopping people in their tracks on Sunday.  They are not your every day run of the mill luxury cars.

“No, no, these are the cars, the hot rods,” said Jerry Horst who owns a 1940 Ford Coupe.

The hot rods have even hotter price tags. Horst’s 1940 Ford coupe will run you more $100,000.  The owner of a 1915 Jaguar boat tail with a built–in bike is a little more tight-lipped.

 “Well so far, the car and the motorcycle, I got about $3,200 in it because I’m a scrounger,” Doug Hewitt said.

And you don’t have to “go riding on the freeway of love” to draw a crowd in a 1958 pink Cadillac; just park it on main street with the other 249 classic cars on display.

“We got a lot of beautiful cars down here, a lot of time, a lot of money,” said spectator, Nathan Oosterhof.

Not to mention a lot of innovation and creativity.  “I cut down a cottonwood tree on highway 40 and decided to make a car out of it,” Hewitt said.

If we were judges, A 1931 Chevrolet gets an A for artistic. It’s made out of Wyoming license plates.

From cars you’ve never seen before, to the cars you used to see every day, many of the collectibles are revved up with memories.

“We used to go to the A & W root beer and they used to have trays and the girls being out there with the tray like in the 50’s and 60’s,’ said Richard Fryberger, who owns a 1964 Chevy Impala Convertible.

“I bought the license plate because it was the year I was born and several years later I found the 48 to put underneath the plates,” said Nancy Reinart of her Ford pickup.

Underneath it all, car owners say Sunday’s show isn’t about winning a prize; it’s about good weather, great memories and an even better view of their rides.

“It’s nicer than cruising the streets,” Reinart said. “This way people can look around and enjoy them more than just seeing them wiz by down the street.”

Event organizer, Dan Seftner of Destination Rapid City says close to 5,000 people turned out for the event.


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