Golden Coyote exercise trains National Guards for combat

It’s intense, tough and at times, stressful; yet, National Guard unit members from across the country said they don’t mind because they’ll be ready when duty calls. Seven navy members from Occupational Health Support Unit Dallas are in Rapid City for Golden Coyote exercises. 

The group learned combat medicine at Camp Rapid, which is designed to help these National Guard members in the field. On Sunday, they practiced their marksmanship with an indoor firearms training system.

“It’s simulated range. It’s just been doing it and practicing, familiarization with rifles we’d be using if we went overseas,” said Navy Coreman, Tyler Haas.

The device does not replace real fire.  The screen is similar to a combat video game which shows you the scenery and your target.  Unlike the video game, these soldiers have to practice safety since they are actually loading weapons with magazines.

Golden Coyote training exercises wrap up on Monday.


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