Wild Bill Days attracts tourists to Deadwood

Deadwood city leaders say it’s been a rough few months first the smoking ban, declining gaming revenue and then strong spring storms. But tourists are bringing some good news today as they come from all over to celebrate the life deadwood’s most infamous character, Wild Bill Hickock.

Deadwood doesn’t need the luck of the draw to attract visitors because tourists look to start the summer off with a bang.

“We love deadwood. It’s exciting and we like to see all the old things,” said sisters Betty Tuttle and Marsha Howard who are visiting from Iowa.

Old things like the Adams Museum are a hit but city leaders hope something newer will help the town compete for the attention of tourists.

“We’ve never been here during Wild Bill Hickock days, so this is kind of interesting,” said Howard.

The three day event draws nearly 10,000 people to Deadwood, where city leaders hope they’ll hit the slots and sights while celebrating the historic town’s most iconic character.

“He was quite a legend gunfighter; He was known for killing quite a few men, he has quite a history,” said Sarah Anderson, event coordinator of the Deadwood Chamber of Commerce.

It’s a history that’s remains smoking hot as cowboys compete in today’s Fast Draw.  It’s also a celebration that looks to add new draw for families such as the Dock Dogs competition.

“We’re out, the dogs love it,” said tourist Jessie Eboniouk. “We’re here today to check out all the action.”

As long as other tourists get in on the action, Anderson says the town will flourish.   

“This is good. People are out and about, they’re spending money, and they’re getting souvenirs,” said the event coordinator. “It’s great we can’t be happier.”

But they could be even happier when the Deadwood  Mountain Grand opens it’s doors this fall with new job opportunities.

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