Rapid City women get tough for charity

When it comes to sports the ones geared towards women are often thought to have less contact involved. 

But don’t let the pink fool you roller derby leaves you black and blue. When the Rushmore Rollerz, a group of 11 women, strap up their skates it’s no day at the park.

“We toughen you up by training you on your endurance, training you in your wheels and skates, training you how to hit, how to take the hits, how to fall right,” said Pinkie Bewitched. 

“I would explain it as a fun contact sport, not full contact sport,” said B-Bopper.   It’s a fun way to release their full tensions.  “If you’re stressed out and you are mad at somebody you can take it out on the track,” B-Bopper said.  

And give back to the community.  “It’s about 90% of all the money you take in, we don’t keep for ourselves.  We do such things such as WAVI Fun Run, the Wells Spring Fun Run,” said Bewitched.

 At their upcoming bout, the Rushmore Rollerz plan to donate money to The Black Hills Workshop, an organization which helped them secure an indoor space for the competition.

 “We’re actually against one of the local teams here in the area. It’s Lead Aces and Skates,” said Bewitched.

Bewitched says the team tries to keep all the money it donates in the local community.  A move that shows that they can be tough but also sweet.

Now roller derby is not just for women. Men can volunteer as referees and coaches.  The Rushmore Rollerz will compete on June 18th at the Market Square.  The event begins at 6:00 P.M.


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