ID cards given out to the displaced in Pierre/Fort Pierre

As if the fear of flooding isn’t enough people who are displaced in Pierre and Fort Pierre are worried about the safety of their vacant homes.  But a new plan has been put into place today to provide homeowners with some peace of mind.

Those displaced by Missouri River flooding, as of Sunday, can receive ID cards as part of a new credential system.  Laurie Gill, Pierre’s mayor says the ID cards will help control access to threatened areas.

“People have largely moved out and left but when they do that they want to make sure their homes are protected but yet they can get back in to check on their property,” said Gill.

Gill says police officers will patrol those neighborhoods and will only allow access to tenants or landlords who have an ID card.

“It’s an easy way to allow people access but yet keep the folks out that don’t need to be in the area or neighborhood,” Gill said.

Although people have been given cards Mayor Gill says people will not be allowed to return to their homes until it is deemed safe.

To request an ID card at Georgia Morse Middle School in Pierre you must have a photo ID, such as a driver’s license.  Around 1,100 people received their credentials on Sunday.



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