Kids go on the hunt for Easter eggs

It’s an Easter tradition, sort of like the running of the bulls in Spain. But there were no bulls just lots of kids and a whole lot of eggs.  They went really quickly; all 1062 eggs were gone in under ten minutes.

Those who came to Rapid City’s Elk Lodge brought their baskets and their strategies to the hunt.

“I kind of run fast, so I get a lot of eggs,” said Cameron Osmond, who collected 40 eggs. “But, I had to stop and take a rest because I kind of get tired.”

“We didn’t know if we would have 10 kids or a hundred kids, said Corinne Osmond, the Activity Committee Chairman and grandmother to Cameron.  “I’m just plum amazed. I’m just very happy at the turnout we had.”

More than 150 kids show up for today’s event. Sadly, the last to arrive were the rotten eggs, who walked away with empty baskets.


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