Tax tips: 8 steps to amend a tax return

Many people who have filed are already saying oops.  Perhaps you forgot to add deductions or maybe you missed a tax credit.  No problem!  

You can amend your return by following these eight steps from the Internal Revenue Service.

  1.  Use the 1040X form. 
  2. File your amendment by paper not electronically. 
  3. Don’t file if you made a math error or forgot to attach a form. The IRS will contact you.  
  4. Be sure to enter the tax year you are filing for on the form.  
  5. If you have multiple amendments, mail them separately.  
  6. Don’t forget attachments such as forms or schedules.  
  7. Wait for your original refund before claiming an additional one.  
  8. And pay the tax before the due date to limit interest, even if you think you owe additional tax.

You can amend a return within three years of originally filing or two years from the date you paid the tax.

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