One volunteer strives to make a difference in children’s lives

It’s not an easy task but Nadine Zeller doesn’t mind.  “That’s what good friends do isn’t it,” said Zeller, a school volunteer.

Zeller has made many good friends at Meadowbrook Elementary’s library over the last three years.

“Well I like when she reads her books because the books that she reads. They’re my favorite books sometimes,” said Brooklyn Jergens, a kindergarten student.

Zeller devotes time each Monday reading books to two kindergarten classes. 

“And I have each class for a half an hour, and then I help shelve books and then in the afternoon I then do the checking in,” said Zeller.

 Zeller is one of about 50 volunteers at Meadowbrook Elementary.  She became a volunteer to help lend a hand at her grandson’s school.

“Hopefully you’re making a difference in their lives,” Zeller said.  “I don’t just read we talk about things, we talk about feelings so, hopefully they get something back.”

Zeller’s granddaughter, Megan Jones, is a teacher in Texas.  Jones says volunteers like her grandmother make a difference.

“It’s invaluable for kids to be able to see older people who have taken the right path and made the right choices so they have people to look up to.” said Jones, a fourth grade teacher.

And that’s what keeps Zeller coming back to school week after week. 

The United Way Worldwide is looking to recruit one – million volunteers in the next three years to improve education.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer you can visit or call an area school for more information.


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