Men and women have opposite car-buying habits

Men go for looks and women look for practicality.  No, I’m not talking about potential mates but cars.

“Men are more geared towards the trucks and the smaller SUV’s,” said Bobby Willert, Car Salesman at Black Hills Toyota. “Now, if it’s a woman that’s coming in and looks, ah she’s looking at more gas efficient sportier type cars.”

Willert observed similar buying behaviors to those found in its study.  For instance, men are attracted to big, brawny, high – priced and high – performance cars.  As for women, they keep an eye out for the budget and the fuel tank.

The Porsche 911 was popular among 87 percent of men last year while 60 percent of women bought the Volkswagen New Beetle. 

The study was based on eight million automobile purchases.


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