The Japanese earthquake’s aftermath could soon affect the nation

Japan’s high – magnitude earthquake takes its toll on lives, infrastructure and now, the economy.

 “The impact of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan is going to be higher import prices from Japan,” said Dr. John Quinn, Campus Executive Officer at National American University.  “It’s also going to be probably a slow down development of nuclear energy.”

The disaster shut down about a fifth of the country’s nuclear power generators, forcing the world’s third largest economy to conserve energy.  Dr. Quinn, who lived in Japan in the late 80’s, said if the country goes into a recession, it could cause a domino effect.

“You would have the Japanese pulling down other economies because of slowing down the flow of external funds,” added Quinn.  ” And also there would be an impact I think on energy prices.”

The economy isn’t the only thing the earthquake can move.

“The length of the day is about 1.82 micro seconds, millionths of a second longer than what is was,” said Bill Roggenthen.   “And also the axis of the rotation has moved a bit,” added the Research Scientist at the School of Mines and Technology.

Roggenthen said this type of movement is common with large quakes due to a distribution of mass.  

 “So if you have the rotation axis of this person, this is how we would rotate. So for instance, if we added a lunch box over here, now we have mass distribution, which is no longer symmetrical,” said the Researcher.  ” And so, we have a little change in orientation of the axis of rotation due to the in – symmetry.”

According to Roggensthen, a similar change happened in 2004 when a massive earthquake hit Indonesia and titled the earth’s axis.   

Dr. Quinn said in the short term, the unrest in the Middle East will have a larger effect on the economic climate than the aftermath of the Japan quake.  He said that’s because Japan is not a major producer of oil, unlike Yemen, Libya and Saudi Arabia.


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