State lawmakers discuss driving related bills

KOTA Territory lawmakers put the brakes on one bill concerning drinking laws while fast – tracking another.  

The House Judiciary Committee will revisit a bill later this week, which would grant limited immunity to minors from arrest or prosecution for certain alcohol – related offenses.  Approval of Senate Bill 33 would mean offenders would not be arrested or prosecuted if they help someone in need of emergency assistance.

Opponents of the bill say it weakens existing drinking laws and promotes binge drinking.  But students at the school of mines say it can help teens make better decisions.

I can see in scenarios this could be a useful thing for students, where they’d be scared, said Graduate Student Debbie Brewer. 

It makes it so that when people do get out of hand, it’s not a decision that will destroy them for the rest of their lives,” said Sophomore Tyler Vogul.

Meanwhile, the same committee approved a bill today allowing 24/7 sobriety programs to collect fees and authorize ignition interlock devices.  That bill now heads to the house floor for final debate and vote.


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