The Reality: TV sucks!

First, I want to apologize to my viewers for not posting any stories this month.  I had a tragedy in my family which required me to travel to Jamaica for a while.  But,  I am back  now and so are my posts.

I LOVE watching television.  Anyone who knows me will tell you the same.  They might also tell you that my television set is tuned to either the Food Network, HGTV or CNN.  Schedule permitting, I watch at least three hours of television each  day.  It all makes sense as to why I chose television production as a major back in my college days.

As I grew older, I started to realize that television is just not what it use to be.   With the aide of technology, I believe that  television has evolved into a rectangular,  flat-screen device used to broadcast “trash” passed off as entertainment.  If this sounds harsh then you might want to tune out now.

I am tired of watching the same shows over and over and over again.  How many For The Love of shows can one person watch?  I too am guiltyof this trashy pleasure.   I will admit to watching all three seasons of Flavor of Love and  two seasons of For the Love of Ray J.   I stopped watching these shows because it was painful to watch women being used as sexual pawns and throwing themselves at men.

There is a reality show for everything: fashion design, modeling, cooking, baking, dancing, singing, love, bad girls, interior decorating, art and even hair weaves.   Aren’t American’s tired of  watching the first week of American Idol to laugh at those dreadful people who audition knowing they  can not sing?   It was funny when William Hung famously sang  (or lack there of) “She Bangs” on American Idol in 2006.  Four years later, the no-talent contestants are just predictable and frankly, dull.

The reality is that reality television is repetitive and boring!

Every celebrity who is no longer in the spotlight  even has his or her own reality show.  No one really cares about tuning into their lives, sadly, there just is not anything better to watch on television.

I understand that reality television shows are more cost-efficient to produce versus dramas and sitcoms but viewers need options.  I just find  it a shame that show writers no longer WRITE.

Please  just bring back the quality television programs we all use to  watch and love.  Do you remember the good old days when  you could watch  Saved by the Bell, The Wonder Years, Boy Meets World, The Fresh Prince, Growing Pains, The Golden Girls, Three’s Company, Night Rider and even the creepy, scary Tales From the Crypt?


Do you remember Wednesday nights when The WB (now the CW) would show their night-time line-up featuring Michigan J Frog?  “Oh YeaHHHHHH!”

Will someone please give the television networks a reality check?  Until then, I will tune out the television and opt for a good book.

6 responses to “The Reality: TV sucks!

  1. Oh, how I miss “Tales from the Crypt.” “Family Matters” too. Wait, did you mention that one? What about that show that was produced by Jim Henson, “Dinosaurs?” LMAO.

    • No, I did not mention “Family Matters” but that is a good one too. Do you remember “Giligan’s Island”, “I dream a Genie” and “Blossom”? Bring back all these shows!

  2. You bring up some very valuable points about t.v. turning to trash. LoL. I learned that lesson a long time ago, that’s why books and the internet seem to fill the little time void I have in my day. I figured since I am unable to find something decent on t.v. I might as well just keep it off, until the real shows come back on.

    • Thanks again for reading! Atleast there is positive to all this negative. It is a good thing that we are turning the television sets off and picking up books. I hope America becomes tired of reality shows soon and the producers will be inclined to produced higher quality shows like the ones from our pasts.

  3. Wow Taisha, you’re right about that. All I watch these days are the cooking shows. Tv is just all trash these days. I enjoyed shows like, Different World,Sister Sister,or even back in my days the Cosby Show, lol. If you ask me, I think Tyler Perry’s the worst. His shows are stinking up Tv sitcoms these days. lol

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